Homesteading is often a misunderstood lifestyle.

The everyday challenges of an agricultural lifestyle are
difficult. When homesteading, family members often have one or two other off-property jobs too.

Life can be unpredictable.

Catastrophic events can tear a life apart in seconds. Storms, accidents, loss of life, loss of buildings and homes are too often the final straw for a homesteading family. And, that is the seed that began Hope for Homesteaders Foundation.

We are here to help homesteaders in need.

If you would like to take part in our mission, please consider a tax-deductible donation.

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Hope for Homesteaders is here to help rebuild homesteads after catastrophic losses.

Hope for Homesteaders Foundation seeks to assist homesteaders as they recover from a devastating

Grants are given out to assist with rebuilding both the property and the family’s confidence. Not
being able to grow and raise your own food can be devastating to a family that has depended on that

At Hope for Homesteaders Foundation, we know the beauty and the joy of homesteading.
Unfortunately, some of us also know how quickly that can be destroyed. Fortunately, we have been able
to rebuild, but we also know that is not always the case. That is what we are about.

If you know of a family that could use an encouraging grant while they rebuild their homestead, recover
from serious illness, or pull the pieces together after a loss, please reach out to our foundation.
When you can donate, we hope you will consider a tax-deductible donation to Hope for Homesteaders.

All donation sizes make a difference to someone.

-For more information on our foundation, please reach out by email:
-Hope for Homesteaders Foundation is a 501c3 organization.